Suzy is a dear friend and professional colleague. We have both grown into entrepreneurs of sorts and have reached out to help each other in our areas of focus. Suzy is able to communicate very clearly and directly with individuals and is very focused on the task at hand when working with a client. I have brought Suzy in to work with my small business a couple of times to help evaluate our marketing efforts and give us thorough recommendations for a professional for-business. Suzy knows how to give advice and direction without attacking the current position of the business. Her attention to detail and thorough analysis documents she completed on my business were incredibly helpful.

Liz May, Production Manager at WS/FCS Reynolds Auditorium

Recently I had the very pleasant opportunity to work with Suzy (actually I should say that I had the opportunity to observe Suzy working!) during the planning for and the execution of the Hayes Group Leadership Experience of 2014, and I was tremendously impressed with her ability to manage all the details associated with that very enjoyable, multi-day, multi-location event. It is safe to say that everyone who attended the conference left with a profound appreciation for Suzy’s competence, thoroughness, attention to details, and, of course, her constant enthusiasm about quickly and cheerfully resolving any and all problems. As she sat calmly among the participants, it was hard to believe that she simultaneously was dealing with numerous speakers arriving and departing at weird hours, the frequent rearrangement of meeting rooms, getting our group to restaurants onsite and offsite, ensuring that audio-visual equipment was available and operational, and providing numerous, often last-minute/unexpected handouts for everyone. I noticed that anytime any issue or need arose, all eyes turned to Suzy, and she either had the answer or she quickly was able to resolve the issue. She is amazing!

Alex Gregory, President & CEO of YKK Corporation of America